Water damage can be caused from a burst water tank, leaky pipes and excessive rainfall. As soon as possible we will will dispatch one of our experienced flood restoration technicians to your location.

We are flood restoration specialists at COMPLETE, we are highly experienced and understand the level of competence that is needed in order to repair any flood water damage that may have been caused to your home.

What Will We Do For You?

Upon arrival our technician will carry out a full site survey to evaluate the damage. First and foremost the key to dealing with any flood is to remove standing water as soon as possible to prevent secondary damage. The next step for us it to start the removal of all affected materials (carpets, skirting boards, plasterboard etc). Once this is complete we put the drying plan into operation. We use refrigerant, desiccant dehumidifiers and speedy dryers, therefore maximising drying times.

One of our technicians will regularly visit the property to keep a close eye on the drying process and will take surface, in depth and hygrometer box readings with specialist protimeter reading equipment. Once the readings are back to pre-incident moisture levels, a drying certificate will be issued to certify that the property is back to its pre-incident condition and reinstatement work will commence to get your home back to normal ASAP.