A house fire can be one of the most terrifying things that can ever happen to someone. A fire is a strong force and will leave disastrous consequences.

We are Fire cleaning specialists, with a wealth of expertise in the field of fire repair, you can be sure you are getting a top quality, professional friendly service with COMPLETE.

Professional Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration

Fire restoration work should only be carried out by professionals. There are many types of fires which produce different types of residue that will require specialist removal. Speed is of the essence as soot is acidic and if left can damage beyond economic repair. The fast response of our dedicated Fire Damage Team ensures secondary damage is prevented. Once instructed an experienced and well trained member of our team will be instructed to attend the property to carry out a full survey to assess the damage and then remedial work will then be undertaken.

This will include the removal & disposal of all affected items and smoke decontamination. When we have finished the decontamination work, we will Ozone the property. This process removes all soot residues and the smell of fire from the air, walls and floors.

Here at COMPLETE we use the most effective methods for fire decontamination with pressure cleaning to remove soot residue and not liquids , saving time and causing far less damage.

Once decontaminated we can start the process of restoring your home for you so you can be back to normal ASAP.